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Here you will find a range of tools that can be used to develop a growth mindset for individuals and in workshop settings. These resources have been co-produced by students and staff.

Image: student at CSM workshop

“Interesting and thought provoking, some of the questions I felt really made me think about something I’d never considered”
Student, CSM Workshop, UAL

“Talent is the word given to the product of hard work and practice. However, the dictionary defines it as “natural ability” which is the worst definition I’ve ever seen in my life. What is “unnatural ability”? This is just an example of the limitations of language to express concepts.”
Student, CSM Workshop, UAL

“To realise that anxiety and worrying about the challenge is the biggest obstacle of a challenge”
Student, CSM Workshop, UAL

Watch E Oboki, MSc Applied Psychology in Fashion student at LCF, talk about developing a growth mindset through improvisation techniques and the power of a ‘Yes, and…‘ attitude to change the way we approach challenge, risk and failure. You can also read her article here.